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Since the introduction of the iPhone in early 2007, speculation is rife about when Apple will release an iPod with an interface similar to the iPhone with a touchscreen and allows playback of videos so conforatble on a large screen.

The answer is obviously not known at present and some bet for late 2007, others believe that it will not happen anytime soon. This is the case of David Chartier on the blog TUAW.com.

It shows clearly that for him, such an output is not expected before long, with about who actually tend to be convinced that Apple has no interest in leaving such an iPod in the short term. To summarize, Apple has an incredible market share in MP3 players and the fruit of several years of innovation, dominates this segment without any problem. The firm at the apple has yet to reap handsome profits in this area without having to revolutionize the machine.

Moreover, Apple will see the launch of the iPhone the culmination of a very important project development, which should enable to attack a market segment or sales are still outnumbered in the field of MP3 players. So, launch an iPod with the functionality of the iPhone (minus the phone) would be a risk for this major project what the iPhone.

It's true, after all, what is fascinating in the iPhone, as the interface, Internet browsing (via GPRS but also WiFi), the management of personal data, music playback and video and telephony. But remove the phone, ellevante few hundred dollars and you will ask yourself what to buy untre such an iPod and an iPhone, right?