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Testing the iTalk


To begin, I chose to test the iTalk, given that one will not talk much, I told myself that people who are interested would like some information on what kind of accessory before the purchase.
So I received my iTalk, beautiful box, in the style of the iPod, the iTalk in


Test Battery Replacement for iPod with Dock Connector

The principle of this enhancement is quite simple: you can use your iPod when its battery is flat.


Test for Sport Neoprene Carrying Case

This one covers from Belkin, and like the others, the quality of workmanship is very good. It welcomes all models of iPod Photo 3G, via the U2, but is not compatible with the iPod mini and iPod shuffle.

As its name suggests it is perfect for sports as it protects the iPod very well.


Testing the iPod shuffle

How to start this article on the new-born of the iPod family? The iPod shuffle is a brief MP3 player weighs 22g, which allows you to listen to 512MB or 1GB of music throughout your day, or 120 or 240 songs.

The Shuffle is based on flash memory (512MB or 1GB), so it's not a hard drive as its bigger brothers.


Test for leather case for iPod shuffle

The cover in question is the mark Vaja Cases. This is not the style but iSkin plastic leather, of course it fits perfectly with the iPod. It changes its look pretty but towed all these features are accessible even with the cover. So no need to remove to turn off your iPod.


Test Kit Mobifly

The Mobifly is an accessory for the iPod mini take with you in many situations, you can wear it slung with the first strap, or belt with the second leather strap, suitable for this purpose.


Test for cover IceSuit

Proponents of such covers iSkin is to say, silicone, will probably satisfied with the quality product that has some deficiencies. In shade "Cream", the IceSuit protect your iPod from scratches and bumps everyday.


Test the cleaning kit anti-scratch

Since the first model, the iPod has been sensitive to scratches, either on the front plastic, or on its side mirror on the back of the camera. But with the new iPod nano and 5G, reduce scratches his iPod has become almost indispensable.


Testing the leather case for iPod Nano tradition.

First impression :

The Noreve case is presented in an elegant black cardboard box.

General Appearance :

This case has a pleasant smell of quality leather upper. It is available in the following colors: black, white, pink, red, blue or cyan, choice.


Testing the leather Ivolution a model for the Pod

The famous company offers Vaja Leather Case Ivolution, a model designed for the 5G iPod.

It is presented in an elegant white box also contains a certificate of authenticity, postcards and stickers bearing the image of the brand.