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Apple Enters The Top 10 Cell Phone Manufacturers

According to Gartner research, Apple was among the top ten cellular manufacturers in 2007. The worldwide sales of cell phones grew by 16 percent in comparison to 2006. There are two new entrants to the top ten except of Apple: Research In Motion and ZTE. Apple took the tenth place in the rankings, despite of the fact that iPhone is available in 4 markets only. Nokia continues to dominate worldwide, taking the first place with 40 percent share.

New Apple iPod Touch Advertisment

Apple posted a brand new iPod touch ad on Fox. 10 iPod touches are laid out on a wooden table as those in Apple's retail stores. All 10 iPods are displaying different features. Some units are shown at close range to highlight particular features. Then the hands grab the touches from the table and the words "Everybody Touch" are shown. The highlighted features include the photo browser, Maps video playback, the Safari browser, Weather application, email, Cover Flow, Maps, Notes, and song "What I'm Looking For" by Brendan Benson.

iPhone Online Encyclopedia by Britannica

Britannica has launched online encyclopedia for iPhone. It features several thousands of articles accessible through an iPhone by visiting i.eb.com. The articles cover various topics. In addition, the new encyclopedia features high-resolution thumbnails and full-size images, powerful searching, and page layouts.

Install applications on iPod Touch: tutorial

Yesterday out the method for installing software on the iPhone iPod Touch.


iPod Touch open to third-party applications to turn

The iPhone firmware version 1.1.1 been released recently.


Testing the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch (Details on Apple site) Is a break in the line of iPods, sinceit incorporates many features found with the iPhone there was only a few months.


iPod Touch and new iPod nano on the Apple

For once, we will not talk about iPhone, though ... Steve Jobs announced this evening several very interesting information.


IPod iPhone to look is when

Since the introduction of the iPhone in early 2007, speculation is rife about when Apple will release an iPod with an interface similar to the iPhone with a touchscreen and allows playback of videos so conforatble on a large screen.

The answer is obviously not known at present and some bet for late 2007, others


A look at iPod iPhone by end 2007

The 6th generation iPod could well borrow the look and full screen without a button on the iPhone, Is défférenciant coup by the absence of telephony features.


The iPod Touch 2 with photos

We do not speak often of theiPod TouchThe iPhone often takes precedence in the notes, but it must still discuss theiPod Touch V2Her little brother so similar now available three versions ranging from 8 to 32 GB, 229 to 389 Euros.


iPod Touch - make the update or not

While iPhone owners have little reason to have asked this question (which does not mean they have all done see this note), Owners of  iPod Touch may themselves be the cause.


New iPod Touch (V3) in photo and video

After the launch of the iPhone 3GS earlier this summer, speculation on a New iPod Touch, Including a Digital Camera were rife with the possibility of release in the fall of September.

Yesterday, photos of what could be a prototype of the new iPod Touch, just with a DSLR on the back, Appeared on the


The iPod Touch 3G disassembled: details of components and options

The company iFixitSpecializing in spare parts for iPhone and iPod Touch apart regularly Apple's new machines when they leave.

The new iPod TouchPresented this week at the Apple event described hereHas not escaped their screwdrivers, providing beautiful pictures and revealing in passing some information but nothing


The iPod Touch 3G faster than the previous one

iPod Touch version 3 launched Apple during theevent of early September is a new iPod TouchEven if no physical alteration is visible (like the passage of the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS).

Indeed, the internal components have changed (see this note) And especially the new generation iPod Touch was announced as


IPod Touch GPS: an alternative to the kit TomTom?

Unlike the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the iPod Touch does not have a GPS chip.