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For once, we will not talk about iPhone, though ... Steve Jobs announced this evening several very interesting information. The first, already indicated in the news is the incredible price drop of the iPhone.

But he also presented two interesting products that are already controllable:

iPod TouchWhich covers what has been the undeniable success of the iPhone: large screen, touch navigation and WiFiWhile leaving the phone function and integrated APN. Prices are 309 Euros for the 8GB version and 409 Euros for the 16GB version.

A new iPod nano has grown. And yes, the sublime little nano rose to a larger screen to view videos in a resolution identical to that of the iPod videoThis latter finding also renamed iPod Classic. Such a resolution displayed on a screen so small should provide images of incredible detail. The price is 159 euros for a 4 GB to 209 Euros for the 8GBIt is available in several colors, with free laser engraving.
Personally I have always found line of nano superb throughout its evolutionBut then I found much less sexy (but still very effective in terms of product and price).

And you, What you think of the look of the new nano?

Are you tempted by the iPod Touch, Perhaps even to replace the iPhone?