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While iPhone owners have little reason to have asked this question (which does not mean they have all done see this note), Owners of  iPod Touch may themselves be the cause. Because as each major version of its OS, Apple is paying those who want to update their iPod (7,99 EUR).

However, faced novelties of this version the temptation is great priori: copy / paste, supported Bluetooth headset, keyboard in landscape mode in most applications, support the sharing of games and of course research spotlight are tempting reasons.

But according to the magazine PCMag, which prepared a comparative table, the performance of the iPod Touch seem decrease over 3 Firmware.

Then, make the update or not? All depends if you tend to look for additional features, or if the responsiveness of your machine is more important!

To those who have updated: are you satisfied? It would start over again, you do it?