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How to properly remove iTunes on Windows?

Perhaps you have a problem with iTunes and you want to delete it to reinstall. However, the uninstaller is not complete and there will always be elements of your previous version of iTunes, even after deleted.

To delete in its entirety which is compared to iTunes, please follow this approach:

In a first step, to remove iTunes :

go to "Start -> Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs.
Select iTunes from the list and click Change / Remove. Then do Next -> Next -> Finish.

Regarding the registry keys :

you go to "Start -> Run, here, type" regedit ".
In "Edit", click "Search" and type "iTunes" as below:

Then click "Next" and delete all keys related to iTunes, as below:
Repeat the operation with the word "iPod" instead of "iTunes".

Once the transaction is complete, exit Regedit and restart Windows and re-download iTunes