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After the launch of the iPhone 3GS earlier this summer, speculation on a New iPod Touch, Including a Digital Camera were rife with the possibility of release in the fall of September.

Yesterday, photos of what could be a prototype of the new iPod Touch, just with a DSLR on the back, Appeared on the net.

Here they are, knowing that the circuit board, redCorresponds generally a prototype. This is one of a few be released from AppleFor testing resistance and durability in real terms (we see it lived!).

The addition of the NPC to theiPod Touch I would think a real gain for users. This would make many more possibilities, allowing the use of much more software for the AppStore thus increasing both attractiveness of the machine and software sales for Apple. We await confirmation (these photos may be fake) and it will monitor possible arrival of a New iPod Touch with great interest in the weeks to come!

Let's recall also that sales of the iPod Touch is very important for Apple, it probably tends to support and then replace the old iPod in the turnover of Apple in the years ahead and certainly constitute the future of iPod users. See the passage this excellent article about changes in the sales of Apple and the impact of the iPhone in a market or iPod sales s'essouflent article published following the results recently published by Apple.