DVD to iPod Video Converter

DVD to iPod Converter Software

The principle of this enhancement is quite simple: you can use your iPod when its battery is flat. This can be very useful if you have a long journey to make, or if you simply do not have the opportunity to recharge your iPod for some time.

It attaches to the back of the iPod with 2 cups, it will not move easily, and connects logically taking Dock Connector. Because of its connection, it is compatible with the iPod 3G, 4G (with U2) and iPod photo. It works with 4 batteries LR6 (supplied with the accessory, Belkin Bravo), which enables it to offer 15 hours of autonomy in the normal audio playback and 5 hours of slide show on an iPod photo. A witness at the top of the device tells you the battery status, with 4 lights. A switch at the bottom to activate it and deactivate it when you have the choice between running down the battery of the iPod battery or the battery pack.

To start, it's very simple, just set the iPod back to put the unit on (via the switch), and off you go (provided you have enough batteries loaded).

So much for the party rather positive accessory, but it has some flaws. A main, which is its size, that is to say that we must put the 4 cell somewhere, and it feels. The purpose for what it contains is relatively compact, but it is more than double the thickness of the iPod, making it difficult to fit into a pocket for example.

In conclusion, it is a very practical accessory in cases where recharge the iPod will be difficult, but its size makes it awkward for everyday use.