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Proponents of such covers iSkin is to say, silicone, will probably satisfied with the quality product that has some deficiencies. In shade "Cream", the IceSuit protect your iPod from scratches and bumps everyday.

Use :

The IceSuit donned easily on your iPod, it comes in 2 versions, a first for the iPod 4G 20GB, iPod photo 30GB and 20GB iPod color (and the iPod U2 color or not), the elasticity of its material allowing it to adapt to small variations in thickness, the second variation suitable for iPod thicker than the iPod are 40 and 60GB, iPod 4G 40GB and 60GB iPod color. Like other covers of this type, IceSuit a failure to thicken a little iPod, but what bag does not? Weighing only 22g, it does not, however, will risk adding to your iPod ...
His hit this rough advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it prevents the iPod from sliding on a smooth surface on the other, it makes it a little difficult to get out of a pocket.

Like almost all covers, the IceSuit has found an opening leaving the dock connector, thus preventing you remove your cover to connect the iPod to the computer. This manipulation is inevitable if you intend to use the Dock. At the top of the iPod cons, they are not arranged openings for connections and the Hold switch, there is no protection at all.
The screen and clickwheel are not protected. It's embarrassing for the main screen, which is much more sensitive to scratches than the wheel. Protection as the iSkin, or PVC surface would have been appropriate, it is a shame.

On the top of the iPod which is not covered by IceSuit is regrettable, but it also allows the connection of accessories like the iTalk, iTrip, Voice Recorder, or the PodWave ( Macally also). So we can not totally blame this on opening up, what is more, it makes the integration of the iPod in the IceSuit easier with an iSkin for example, with which it must pass by the ipod hole of the wheel or the screen ...

Note the lack of belt clip or other attachment, forcing the iPod and put his bag in a garment bag or purse.

Conclusion :

Overall, this cover pretty well fills its function of protecting the iPod, in isolation from other shocks and scratches, but small improvements would have increased significantly over the competing models (protecting the screen particular). If you like the iSkin covers type, you will enjoy it too, and conversely, if you do not like them, it does you should probably not more. The product is in any case quality and is very useful.