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The cover in question is the mark Vaja Cases. This is not the style but iSkin plastic leather, of course it fits perfectly with the iPod. It changes its look pretty but towed all these features are accessible even with the cover. So no need to remove to turn off your iPod. The wheel is hidden, but signs of readings and others are featured on the cover (right image). So you can not go wrong when one wants to pause or go to the next song. At first I was afraid that putting the wrong cover you can no longer control the iPod correctly, but in fact the cover can not be bad bet, it is very well thought out so you'll have no problem with this listed there. Regarding the power button on the back it is available through a space located in the cover.

A great advantage of the iPod Shuffle is its 22 grams. I thought the cover would significantly increase the weight of the iPod but this is not the case at all. The iPod is very light and the cover does not feel when the door around the neck for example. Also, no need to remove the cover to connect the iPod to a computer. That said, the withdrawal is instantly anyway.

With this cover your iPod will be very well protected, protection is really high quality, which partly explains the price elsewhere. But the finishes and quality of cooked fully justifies its purchase.

Also on the website www.vajacase.com you can choose from a large panel of color (with a very well done display of different colors), you will not have any problem finding one you like.

I invite you to take a ride on their site, you can make fun or make a gift of an undeniable quality, and I think you will in time ...