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This one covers from Belkin, and like the others, the quality of workmanship is very good. It welcomes all models of iPod Photo 3G, via the U2, but is not compatible with the iPod mini and iPod shuffle.

As its name suggests it is perfect for sports as it protects the iPod very well. The sides of the bag are padded (neoprene I suppose) and PVC front allows access to iPod functions without removing the cover.

The cover protects the iPod well but still thin enough to slip it into his pocket, or belt with the clip on the back of the cover, without having the impression of carrying an anvil.

Once the cord at the top of the cover, tight, the cover seems tight, not water, of course, but everything would be fine gravel or hazard identical to the iPod, there nothing to fear, and it is reassuring.

The cover has been tested by us to ski, and after a few falls, there was no damage visible on the iPod, which worked perfectly, not even a jump in reading. In addition, the iPod was not affected by cold (as was the case when he was just in a jacket pocket), thereby gumming or components or the battery.

The cover is very effective in terms of protecting the iPod, but we can not say the same about the ease of inserting the iPod into the bag, let alone what is the exit . The face PVC glue to the iPod and makes it difficult to handle in one direction or the other, which is not very practical ... Fortunately, by providing a hole through which you can pass the firewire cable, belkin us prevents inadvertent movements of the iPod and its cover.

Overall, this case is a good product, once the iPod is in the bag, it fits perfectly, and completely appropriate for sports, and in general also.