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The Mobifly is an accessory for the iPod mini take with you in many situations, you can wear it slung with the first strap, or belt with the second leather strap, suitable for this purpose.

Description :

The Mobifly itself, where you insert the iPod mini is a white plastic, solid appearance, part of which rotates so you can access the commands of your device without leaving your belt or shoulder strap . When the iPod mini will be properly engaged, you feel a small notch, and be sure it will not move without your knowledge. The Mobifly is no protection per se, since it only covers the lower half of the iPod mini, leaving all the same wheel available. It's actually a carrying case.

Use :

Once so that your iPod mini will be inserted correctly in the Mobifly, and that you have attached to the belt or strap, you simply rotate the part containing the iPod mini to access common commands , excpeté locking the keys, he masked by part of Mobifly.
The Mobifly attaches to the belt or shoulder rather quickly through small "rings", it will not hesitate cons by forcing slightly, so that both notches are engaged correctly.
To wake iPod from Mobifly, there is theoretically no need to get the Mobifly belt or strap, but in practice it is highly recommended. Indeed, if the iPod mini snaps easily, it is much more difficult to extirpate. There will be movements from left to right, slowly, with the iPod mini well handheld. Any precipitation is risky, the iPod has been testing a small gliding once out of Mobifly. With a little practice, however, this can be done without difficulty.

In addition to the difficulty out of the iPod mini Mobifly, it has another slight defect, it can bind only strips provided in the kit, both white. You can, for example, have a place with which the white does not fit, you can not use a belt to you by example. But the Kit Mobifly goal is to have an elegant and convenient setting on the iPod mini, this is not possible in all cases.
We have, moreover, noticed any weakness in the copy test, or the opening of the box, or after several weeks of testing.

Conclusion :

Mobifly Kit is a great way to carry his iPod mini, original, moreover, and you will take her everywhere with you without risk of damaging it, on condition that they pay attention anyway because it is no protective cover. The simple white design blends well with the iPod mini, and you take quick taste.