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Since the first model, the iPod has been sensitive to scratches, either on the front plastic, or on its side mirror on the back of the camera. But with the new iPod nano and 5G, reduce scratches his iPod has become almost indispensable. Therefore it seems necessary to test these products so that readers do not invest in a product ineffective.

Description :

IRenov The kit is composed of different elements: 2 jars of cream ( "Depth" and "Finish") and 3 squares of fabric without frame (not challenging so no scratches to turn). A little advice on your usage, associate a square of fabric every cream, and keep the last for a final polishing. As possible, try not to mix the different squares of fabric, and therefore products.

Use :

To begin, use the cream "Depth", a somewhat grainy texture, which will operate to mitigate these marks on your iPod. If you have never cleaned your iPod, you'll be impressed with the way the cloth is blackened. We must apply a dab of cream on the surface of the iPod, and rub around the brand that you've targeted. We must take it as many times as there are brands.

Do not expect after this first step in finding an iPod flamboyant. It must first pass the "2nd layer, using the cream" Finish ".

As the first cream should be applied a dab on the front of the iPod, and rub in a circular fashion the face of the iPod in question. On the front plastic scratches will disappear almost completely up, and the back metal, whether fine scratches remain, you will find cons by the mirror of his debut.

Once the 2 creams applied, using the latest cloth to remove deposits cream .. It is possible that the results do not agree with the first application kit iRenov. This is normal. It takes 2 to 3 times the first time, if your iPod has suffered the ravages of time. This results in 15-20 minutes of polishing with elbow grease.
Subsequently, if you regularly use a passage of iRenov will be sufficient to erase the marks of your iPod.

Conclusion :

Those who want a like new iPod will have no choice but to go buy one, the iRenov is not a miracle product. But its effectiveness is still surprising. As you can see the pictures of nano used to test the difference before / after is really mind-blowing. Feel free to repeat a passage if the result does not satisfy you completely.