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Testing the leather Ivolution a model for the Pod

The famous company offers Vaja Leather Case Ivolution, a model designed for the 5G iPod.

It is presented in an elegant white box also contains a certificate of authenticity, postcards and stickers bearing the image of the brand.

This case that can be classified in the upscale category is made of quality leather and a higher resistance. Its front thinly padded to absorb any shock and protect your iPod from any attack that could drag keys in your pockets.

Please note that the quality of leather used in this case far exceeds any other case and that its design is ideally suited to your iPod.

Indeed, your iPod fits comfortably in this case who becomes his second skin.

Cutting the bottom of the casing allows you to connect your iPod directly to the industry or your computer without you needing to leave the case. In addition, you can easily access all functions.

Extra protection for the wheel and the screen is offered if you do not have film protector and a belt clip (which comes in two models).

You can customize the case for more originality with a wide range of color combinations and custom orders.

Finally, protection is fully effective, given the thickness of the hard case that fully protects the iPod and make it safe from everyday life.

In conclusion, the case Ivolution is a fine case of premium quality protective and impeccable production.

Rest the price to take into account to acquire this luxury