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We do not speak often of theiPod TouchThe iPhone often takes precedence in the notes, but it must still discuss theiPod Touch V2Her little brother so similar now available three versions ranging from 8 to 32 GB, 229 to 389 Euros.

This week, the iPod Touch has indeed changed from version 2 (see listing). Basically, this is not a big change (beyond the aesthetics), but there two important contributions: The speakers who were present on the iPhone so far and the volume buttons who also come from the iPhone.

To discover a little better this iPod TouchI wanted to let you know thread iPod Touch V2 created by Asche on our forum iPhone and iPod Touch. You will find its many photos he gave us upon receipt of his superb iPodTouch V2.

In any case, for which do not want to engage in a phone package iPhoneThe iPod Touch in its new version is a very interesting choice.
It contains indeed Software and iPhone games and memory up to 32 GB. The lack of speakerphone to share music or podcasts have been filled and finally the aesthetic finesse and making it even more attractive this should make it a hit for Christmas, right? Cracking for the new iPod Touch?