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The company iFixitSpecializing in spare parts for iPhone and iPod Touch apart regularly Apple's new machines when they leave.

The new iPod TouchPresented this week at the Apple event described hereHas not escaped their screwdrivers, providing beautiful pictures and revealing in passing some information but nothing major except an empty space ...

The component used for the Broadcom Bluetooth a theory the ability of FM broadcast. By adding antenna and if Apple added support software, it would be possible to deliver his music to the car radio without adding external FM transmitter. Beaucoup de 'IF' then to imagine a software update for this, if it ever happens, it will necessarily be on a new generation of the iPod Touch ..

The analysis also indicates that iFixit component for the Broadcom BCM4329 wireless supports 802.11n WiFi in version. Even the iPhone 3GS do not have this option, nothing shows that he will with any and activation in the future from Apple.

More interesting when one remembers the rumors any camera in the iPod Touch. It is estimated that the iPod Touch instead (aside?) For slip a photo sensor . This site measurement 6 x 6 x 3 mmAvailable between the Broadcom chip and antenna for wireless. By cons, like the iPod Nano also launched on Wednesday, there would not deep enough for a photo sensor auto focus as 3GS on the iPhone, but that the Nano would.